512 Trommel

The McCloskey 512 Trommel is perfectly suited to mid-size operations which require portability and high performance

Product Description

The 512 Trommel provides the functionality of McCloskey’s highly successful screener line-up with an extended fines conveyor on the 512A, or patented extended fines conveyor radial conveyor on the 512R.  The 512 trommels are best suited for mid-size operations requiring portability and proven screening performance.

As the top selling mid-size portable trommel in North America, the 512 offers a combination of high production rates, versatility, ease of use and unrivalled strength that has ensured this screener’s popularity with top soil producers, contractors, and landscape supply operators.

The range of 512 models include:

512A – wheeled unit with extended fines conveyor
512R – wheeled with the McCloskey patented radial conveyor
512RT – tracked with the McCloskey patented radial conveyor
512RET – designed with compact transport dimensions for cost efficient shipping

  • The control panel provides an intuitive, icon based user interface which allows all functions to be controlled and monitored
  • The patented radial conveyor has a 180 degree swing and variable discharge height for maximum stockpiling flexibility
  • Optional hopper extensions for greater efficiency
  • Solid vulcanized, independently powered drive wheels for maximum torque, traction and life
  • Ground level adjustable brushes keep the screen clean
  • The deep lifting bars on the drum provide aggressive screening action

Engine: 100hp (75kw) Diesel
Transport Height:  3.69m (12’1”)
Transport Length:  12.74m (41’9.5”)
Transport Width:  2.59m (8’6”)
Weight:  9,750kg (21,500lb)

Stockpile Height: 2.74m (9’)

Engine: 100hp (75kw) Diesel
Transport Height:  4.12m (13’6”)
Transport Length:  14.6m (47’10.5”)
Transport Width:  2.59m (8’6”)
Weight:  12,250kg (27,000lb)

Stockpile Height: 4.49m (14’9”)

Engine: 100hp (75kw) Diesel
Transport Height:  3.53m (11’7”)
Transport Length:  14.06m (46’1.5”)
Transport Width:  2.59m (8’6”)
Weight:  18,140kg (40,000lb)

Stockpile Height: 3.94m (12’11”)

Engine: 100hp (75kw) Diesel
Transport Height:  3.55m (11’8”)
Transport Length:  10.7m (35’)
Transport Width:  2.5m (8’2.5”)
Weight:  19,280kg (42,500lb)

Stockpile Height: 3.55m (11’8”)


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