McCloskey J50H Jaw Crusher 2017 (73742)



J50H Jaw Crusher

Year:  2017
Engine Hours:  6761
Crushing Hours: 5452
Condition: Excellent

September 2022 – this machine has undertook a significant refurbishment costing in excess of £90,000.

See details below.


  • 4 x Hinge pins fitted
  • Both walls repaired
  • 2 x New wedges and chains fitted
  • New back door ram and ram cover
  • New liner plate fitted to back door
  • New hoses fit to back door ram
  • New cross beam made
  • Ram hoses bolted back to the walls.


  • Floor bolts changed
  • Floor liner welded along front
  • 4 x new shaft bearings and seals changed
  • 18 x new pan bolts fitted
  • Fresh oil in both pans


  • Grizzly Bars rebuilt with hardox
  • 1 x grease line fitted
  • 1 x new lord mount fitted
  • 2 x new bottom deck mesh fitted
  • All new rubbers fit
  • Walls straightened / welded

Collection Conveyor

  • Cleaned out scrappers
  • New drum rubbers fitted

Side Conveyor

  • 1 x new chevron belt fitted
  • All new boot end rubbers fitted
  • Head chute straightened and new rubbers fit
  • 1 x new return roller fitted
  • 1 x new beater roller fitted

Dirt Chute

  • Completely stripped-down walls repaired / rebuilt and painted
  • New bottom section fabricated / painted
  • 1 x new liner plate made and fit
  • 1 x new jaw cover plate fabricated and fit

Crash Box

  • Walls straightened and welded / painted
  • 1 x new chamber level loom fitted
  • Complete new bolts fitted
  • Lid repaired and new rubber fitted
  • New side sealing rubbers fitted

Crusher Box

  • Removed from chassis
  • All hoses / wiring running down the chassis rerouted and clamped back into place
  • 2 x new rubber seating pads fit
  • All cheek plates removed cleaned and refit
  • 1 x new toggle seat ram fitted
  • 1 x new fixed jaw plate fitted
  • Deflector plate removed and repaired and refit
  • 1 x new deflector liner plate fitted
  • Fly wheels removed and bearing bolts torqued up
  • New v belts fitted
  • Drive motor bracket weld repaired
  • 1 x new drive motor tension ram fitted
  • Fly wheel guards repaired and all new bolts
  • Bearings greased and temps checked.
  • 1 x new toggle ram fitted and spring

Main Conveyor

  • Welded arms at tail end removed
  • Lower section weld repaired
  • 2 x new raise lower rams fitted
  • New hose work
  • Top section of conveyor straightened and painted
  • Magnet raise/lower arms removed and blanked
  • Many new rollers fit all through
  • 3 x return disc rollers fitted
  • 1 x guide roller fitted
  • Complete new boot end rubbers fitted
  • Complete new skirts fitted
  • Head chute straightened and new rubber
  • Belt weigher fitted
  • 1 x new belt scraper fitted
  • All hoses tidied up and wrapped

Mag Belt

  • Chassis drilled and magnet hung with chains
  • 1 x new drive motor and coupling fit
  • Hose work tidied up


  • Full service carried out
  • Wiring loom repaired and software update
  • Leaks sorted on saddle block
  • Dust supress cover made and fit
  • 100lts 46 hydro oil


  • Hopper wall legs beefed up and weld repaired
  • 1 x handrail replaced
  • Bent ladders sorted
  • 6 x new control door rams fitted
  • New lever stickers for rear end.
  • 1 x slam latch fit
  • Full machine wash down and run up.

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