GIPO machines overview:

GIPO machines are designed for Primary, Secondary and Recycling applications.

They will process:

• Natural stone
• Building rubble
• Asphalt/pavement break-up
• Blast furnace slag
• Reinforced concrete breakup
• Coal

GIPO is a market leader in processing systems. Since the first GIPO machine around 20 years ago, mobile crushing is once again gaining importance. This is mainly due to two reasons:

  • The material processed previously by fixed processing plants in quarries and gravel pits,   is now being done increasingly by mobile crushers. The machine is on-site when it is actually needed.
  • The recycling and immediate recycling of exploded and demolished material in construction projects make mobile crushers the most efficient and economical solutions in building material management. Gravel deposits are spared, expensive storage and transportation are avoided.

As Swiss pioneer in this area, the continued development of components and machine types is a vital contribution. GIPOCOMBI is one of the newest acquisitions. The combination of crusher and screen in one machine brings space, environmental and cost advantages. GIPO plants are being used in the whole of Europe. They offer high quality components, diesel-hydraulic actuation concept and proven longevity, and we are constantly updating our machines, incorporating new technical innovations.


The GIPO range includes a high performance, heavy-duty

The mobile GIPO crushing and screening plant is a

GIPO jaw crushers are heavy duty, compact, mobile

Gipo mobile tracked high capacity screens range from

The basic models Giporec R 100 and Giporec R 131 types