The R90 FDR GIGA offers quality, durability, and productivity, providing throughput and the capacity for a wide variety of applications.

Weighing in at 32 tonnes the versatile performer is of compact construction, low transport weight, and as with the other GIGA plants, the plant distinguishes itself by its high flexibility with which the basic model can be expanded according to customer wishes.

The new machine offers many benefits, including:

  • Large feed hopper with highly efficient pre-screening
  • Folding feed unit allowing very good accessibility
  • Straightforward operation, maintenance and service
  • Simple attachment and detachment of the screen unit
  • The return conveyor can be hydraulically swivelled 180° and can be used as a stockpile conveyor.

Suitable for small and medium crushing tasks the new GIPOREC R 90 FDR GIGA can produce up to three screened sizes. GIPO impact crushers have two impact walls and have infinitely variable adjustment of the rotor speed which simplifies the processing of the feed material. The proven fully hydraulic actuation concept enables the machine to handle reinforced concrete, asphalt, building rubble, natural stone, coal and blast furnace slag.

The extremely powerful GIPO impactor is equipped with a machine chassis with track-laying gear, power pack, feeding hopper, feeder channel with integrated pre-screen or separate pre-screening, conveyor feed channel and crusher conveyor belt; the design of the feeder hopper incorporates fixed hopper walls allowing quick set-up.

Powered by a Deutz 200Kw diesel motor providing an output of up to 200 tph the GIPOREC R 90 FDR GIGA can be operated or transported with or without the post screening unit. Repositioning of the machine on-site presents no problems as it can be comfortably operated from a wheeled loader or excavator with radio control.

GIPO impactors also have a variety of additional equipment, side conveyor belt, permanent magnet, extended radio control, belt weigher and water spray.

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