36 x 80 STACKER

The newly designed McCloskey 36x80 Stacker comes standard with a diesel Power pack, radial axle, hydraulic top fold and hydraulic raise and lower. They can be operated by one person, and can be set up in 10 minutes, making the McCloskey Stacker the most particle available.

With 600fpm belt speed, the McCloskey 36x80 stacker provides an impressive stockpiling capability that exceeds 32' (10m) in height and a radial stockpile volume of 10,900m³ (14,260yd³) and at 180º (19,253 tons).



  • Power Plant: 48 HP (36 kw) Tier III Diesel Engine
  • Transport Height: 13' – 5'' (4100mm)
  • Transport Length: 61' (18600mm)
  • Transport Width: 10' – 8'' (3200mm)
  • Weight: 6,800 Kg (15,000 lbs) – estimated

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