The R131C GIGA is a mobile impactor with single-deck screening unit.

The basic models Giporec R 100 and Giporec R 131 types can be extended with a single-deck screening unit. With this upgraded impact crusher the end product can be screened off to produce a suitable end granule.

The hallmark of this new type of plant is its high degree of flexibility, whereby the basic model of the impact crusher can be extended as the customer desires, and can be operated and transported with or without the screen. This brings cost benefits with the investment, as well as the fuel consumption and environmental impact.

The return conveyor for oversize granules is attached securely to the plant and need not be detached for transportation. Consequently a high degree of mobility and short set-up time is achieved. Due to the pivoting angle of 180 degrees, the return conveyor for oversize granules is uncoupled from the impact crusher for separate transportation of the impact crusher.

Simple coupling and uncoupling of the screen unit at the imapct crusher by means of a hydraulic cyclinder is possible without the use of external hoisting apparatus, and can be achieved in under 10 minutes. For separate transport of the screen unit, the unit can be loaded and transported by means of a hook lifting device without additional hosting implements.

To function as a mound conveyor, the return conveyor for oversize granules can be pivoted hydraulically through 180 degrees on a stable turntable, thus providing a maximum discharge height of 4 metres for tipping onto the mound.

No additional supports are necessary for performing crushing, which ensures maximum stability.

• Capacity: 350tph
• Engine power: 354kW
• Rotor diameter: 1200mm
• Rotor width: 1310mm
• Engine: C13


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