APR improve efficiency for Sloyan Doyle

28th June 2004

Sloyan Doyle Demolition are a long established demolition contractor, based on Merseyside and operating throughout the Northwest and Midlands regions for over 40 years.

Quality recycled aggregates production has proved a major growth area for Sloyan Doyle. In 1993 they invested in the construction of a dedicated aggregates recycling centre at Simonswood, just outside Kirkby (at the time, the largest in the Northwest). They have developed the facility to the point where it currently handles about 300,000 tonnes per annum of C&D material.

Tony Sloyan, Contracts Director of Sloyan Doyle says "Our Simonswood operation is central to our operations on Merseyside; it ensures that we always have a disposal route for the demolition materials we produce; it allows us to stockpile raw materials when the recycled aggregates market is down, without (as often used to be the case) being forced to virtually give away good material from sites due to the tight time constraints typically imposed by clients on demolition contracts". As the raw material stored at Simonswood is either produced 'in house' or accepted under strict criteria from other contractors, Sloyan Doyle has a very high degree of control over the quality of their raw material. "The garbage in, garbage out' maxim doesn't only apply to the computing industry" says Mr Sloyan, "the key to high quality recycling lies in ensuring that raw materials are properly segregated at the demolition site, where it is cheap and simple; a single piece of timber, easily removed before the structure is demolished, can become hundreds of bits by the time the building is demolished and the debris stockpiled for recycling."

Even with this level of control, minor contaminants' such as timber, plastic, paper and the like inevitably find their way into demolition debris and removal by hand has always been time consuming and expensive.

Sloyan Doyle produce a variety of products ranging from general construction fill, through DOT Type 1 subbase material to concrete aggregates and they have been looking for some time for a machine which combines crushing and screening operations in a single unit; allows fast switching between product types and effectively removes wood, plastic and similar contaminants automatically.

Sloyan Doyle had been impressed with the GIPO range of heavy duty tracked crushers, which are tried and tested throughout the world and are highly customisable to suit particular requirements. They decided to work with GIPO and their UK distributors, Aggregate Processing and Recycling (ARP) of Tamworth to find or develop a machine which would meet their needs.

The solution developed with APR and GIPO is based on an RC110C tracked crusher, customized to efficiently process variable demolition debris comprising mainly reinforced concrete, masonry and stone.

The machine blends processing functions in a way that is probably unique. Built around a heavy-duty chassis and Caterpillar C15 engine with variable speed hydraulic drive system, the unit is equipped with a six cubic metre capacity hopper; a feeder with an integrated bypass and a P110 impact crusher inlet 1100 x 925 providing enlargement to 1100 x 1100. It is further equipped with under crusher feeder, integral conveyor to a triple deck screen, screen bypass facility and a lateral oversize conveyor.

The machine has an over band magnet for reinforcement / ferrous metal removal, a multi-stage air separation system, waste collection container and a final conveyor. In line with Sloyan Doyle's requirements, the final screen on the machine has a quick change ability to switch product types without a screen mesh change; crusher run materials can also be produced without changing the screens.

A major factor in the success of the process is the air separation system: this is able to remove a very high proportion of wastes such as wood, plastic, paper, carpet pieces and the like from the product. The efficiency of the system greatly reduces the amount of time and effort required in hand picking both before and after crushing, producing a better product and reducing labour costs at the same time.

The integration of crushing, screening and waste removal on a single tracked unit allows production of high quality finished products with minimal operating staff and without the need for additional equipment for screening or re-handling. The product from the Gipo system can be transferred directly to transport, whether it be Type 1 subbase, concrete aggregate, crusher run fill, or drainage stone; all material is ready to go when it is discharged from the machine.


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