From Glass To Sand With A GIPO Mobile Crusher

23rd November 2006

Gipo - the Swiss manufacturer of mobile crushing and screening machines - has recently launched the GipoREC R131FDR. Supplied by the UK distributor Aggregate Processing and Recycling of Tamworth, the unique Gipo R131FDR machine features a demountable screening system that has been developed for use with a mobile crushing plant.

With a number of machines currently on trial the results have already led to four companies purchasing the GipoREC R131FDR. Machine trials have consistently proven that the machine was capable of successfully crushing not only glass bottles, but also reclaimed asphalt and waste concrete.

The big attraction for the industry in terms of recycling is the flexibility of the machine. Featuring a large crusher inlet the machine operates a closed circuit screening system which eliminates any re-handling of oversize material; producing type 1 or other common finished screened products in one pass. The screen has over 5mtr2 of screening area and is quickly connected to the mains hydraulic pump with a snap-on type block assembly.

The extremely versatile demountable screening system can be removed without any external lifting equipment or special tools. Simple disconnection takes less than 30 minutes allowing the crusher to be tracked away for other crusher-run' applications. Reconnection is also an easy task, and is completed in approximately the same time. Additionally, the screen requires no extra support with hydraulic landing legs. The R131FDR has been designed at Gipo's factory in Switzerland to be completely stable even with the extra weight. Highway movement is also straightforward as the whole machine is transportable as one unit, eliminating any crane usage.

Maintenance issues are also non problematic; a few minutes simply lowering the screening unit allows full maintenance and screen cleaning/mesh changing at ground level.

Richard Coles - Sales Manager for APR - commented, "As the design and flexibility of the GipoREC R131FDR mobile crusher is relatively new to the market, many companies will find it a very suitable machine for recycling operations, in particular the recycling of glass bottles into sand; processing of C&D into type 1 materials etc."

"The closed circuit screening system is extremely efficient at producing the desired final product from waste bottles, which can be used as a recycled sand replacement for various applications. Also, the oversize conveyor which is usually in the closed circuit position can be moved hydraulically through 1800 to create a separate stockpile of drainage type products, or in the case of glass recycling, used to clear the system by transporting non-ferrous waste into a skip at the side of the machine."

"Overall, the Gipo crusher will redefine the way that companies look at mobile crushing plant as a whole. The extra capacity, high performance, reliability, build quality and flexibility of the Gipo machines are well worth the additional capital price."

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