CESL take delivery of a new McCloskey J50v2 from Agg Pro

Written by Jayne Jones

On October 31, 2019
McCloskey J50v2 Jaw Crusher

Aggregate Processing and Recycling is an ever expanding industry within the UK market, therefore it is imperative for companies to source the best equipment for the job.  

Based in the heart of Lincolnshire, Construction & Environmental Services Ltd (CESL) was founded 15 years ago, primarily as an earthmoving haulage company, and have since grown the company significantly introducing Plant & Crusher Hire, Grab & Sweeper Hire, civil engineering and aggregate processing and supply from its quarry near Grantham.

With the aggregate side of the business becoming more prevalent, CESL acquired a Limestone Quarry in Stainby Lincolnshire.  Due to high demand Contracts and Operations Manager, Lee Craighead, was in need of a significantly more efficient machine to process material to keep up with demand, previously using a smaller machine they felt an upgrade was imperative. 

Having sought expert advice from Agg Pro’s, Tom Elgin, it was decided the McCloskey J50v2 Jaw Crusher would be the most effective equipment for the needs of the business.  Lee commented ‘McCloskey are one of the leading brands of crusher in the industry, significantly better built than the majority of the competition’.  

Having a fleet of McCloskey machinery already in use at the quarry to include an S130 3 way double deck, R105 scalper and S190 4-way triple deck, Lee specifically appreciates the simplicity of a McCloskey machine with minimal set up time, substantial processing speed and ease of maintenance.

The J50 was the obvious choice as a mid-size machine with large jaw size and optimal crush speeds.  This robust piece of kit is able to handle large limestone material with ease to create various grades of saleable Limestone product.  Lee stated ’The J50 covers a niche market as there are no other crushers in the same category with the same jaw capacity’.

CESL Managing Director, Andrew Kirby, confirmed ‘McCloskey machines are the best value for money on the market.  They have a high production rate and little downtime, therefore are the most cost-effective equipment to buy’.

Another happy customer!

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